18 Jan 2019

Due to our ever growing sales department, we require a Sales Coordinator to join our busy team in Norwich.


Duties will consist of direct customer contact and telephone sales calls, taking
orders, turning enquiries into orders, preparing quotes and liaising with our
external sales representatives.

Monday to Friday 40 hours rotating between 7.30am to
5.00pm. Saturday 8.00am to 12.00midday. 1 in 2 rota paid as overtime.
Salary band: £17,500.00.

The position would suit a reliable person with a builders merchants or similar
background in the window and glazing supply industry.

To apply please send CV and covering letter to: [email protected]

29 Oct 2018

On the 20th of October 2018 Plastic Building Supplies Ltd hosted a 30th anniversary celebration. In attendance was around 200 staff, some customers and suppliers at The Talk in Norwich.

The Talk Norwich

PBS hosted a raffle and an auction raising over £2000 for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH). Companies sponsoring the prizes included: Easy Innovations, Drinklink, Midland Lead, Toolbank, Broadfix, Brett Martin, Window Ware, Lustre Coastings, Floplast, Kestrel, Rostrons, Rehau and Mancroft Insurance!

EACH Charity Auction

PBS would like to sincerely thank these suppliers for helping them achieve their fundraising efforts for the evening.

Carol & Sophie from EACH were also in attendance and gave a moving presentation reminding the audience why EACH is such a worthy charity to support. Carol also thanked PBS for their support over the years and Sophie assisted in hosting the auction where a spa day, golf day, driving experience and a large bag of tools were up for grabs!

PBS award

During the evening there was an awards presentation for staff anniversaries which included multiple awards for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and even 30 years of service.

Guests were treated to entertainment from the talented Elle & The Pocket Belles performing a mix of vintage and a-Capella swing music. The ladies recently appeared on Sky 1’s Sing: Ultimate A Capella hosted by Cat Deeley.

Keep posted for more 30th anniversary updates!

24 Sep 2018

This month, a group of PBS colleagues and friends, including Grant from DMD Installations, walked a whopping 25 miles from Cromer Pier to the PBS branch in Norwich to raise money for charity.

Plastic building supplies charity walk for EACH 

The walk took just over 10 hours to complete and raised a total of £1200 in funds for our chosen charity EACH (East Anglia’s Childrens Hospices) for the Nook Appeal.

Shaun Brookes of PBS said ‘it felt amazing to exceed our initial £1k target plus achieving the 10hr walk which was almost a marathon. It was tough but we are so happy to have been able to support such a deserving charity!’

The Nook appeal currently stands at over £8 million and the building work is well underway. The appeal continues to rely on the support of local businesses in order to achieve the Nooks final target of 10 million pounds. EACH’s vision is to transform palliative care for children in Norfolk and require a purpose built facility.

A big well done to our wonderful team and a massive thank you to our supporters and sponsors of this walk for your kindness.

Support the Nook Appeal
Donate to EACH
Sponsor our walk


18 Apr 2018

Single-use plastic is a hot topic right now regarding items such as drinking straws, cups, plastic bags, packaging and bottles. Single-use plastics, are utilised just once before they are discarded.

plastic bottle

These single use plastics can be harmful to the environment as they pollute our oceans, threaten marine life (also entering our food chain), have a large carbon footprint and take hundreds of years to break down.

275,000 TONNES of plastic are used every day in the UK, that equates to 15 million plastic bottles – a lot of plastic items aren’t recycled so they end up at landfill.

Plastic Building Supplies offer a sustainable solution to our single-use plastic problem in the UK by actually saving plastic that would otherwise end up at landfill and supplying quality recycled plastic furniture.


Find out more


20 Mar 2018

Take a look at our new product – bathroom wall panels. Roomliner panels are an easy and inexpensive way to update and modernise your bathroom, shower or kitchen.

glitter bathroom panels

Roomliner Wall & Shower Panels are waterproof, easy to fit, durable, hygienic and suitable for any room in the home, office or commercial building. Made of durable, 5mm or 10mm thick PVC boards. They come in a range of marble and sparkle panel colours including Oyster, White Diamond, Black Diamond, Travertine Diamond, Galaxy, White Marble, Storm, Pergamon, Lightening, Sand Dune, White Gloss and Icelandic.

The wall panels are 1000mm in width an 2400mm in length and also sold are a range of trims including end caps, internal and external corners in white, black, beige and chrome.

Panels are designed for easy installation and quick fitting. They may be fixed to damaged, damp walls by fitting 38mm x 19mm horizontal battens at 400mm centres – a breathable membrane is recommended. They can be fitted to a clean wall or over the top of tiles with a neutral cure silicone or moisture cure/solvent free adhesive. The bathroom wall panels can be fitted behind hot water pipes and radiators and in rooms that reach up to 60 degrees C.

26 Feb 2018

Spring begins on the 20th March and ends on the 21st June. The evenings will stay lighter giving us more time outside to enjoy our gardens.  This is the ideal time to prepare your home for the beautiful spring and summer days to come.

Why not make your garden bird friendly and add a bird box or some hanging feeding stations? Birds rely on this additional source of food and bring colour and beautiful bird song. Add a feature such as a bird water table – a regular source of water is vital to all wild life and you will be amazed at how popular your garden becomes. Once they are established you can sit back on your recycled garden bench and admire the view.

spring has sprung flowers

No garden is complete without a water butt. Our Miniflo guttering is a perfect solution for small buildings such as sheds, garages summer houses and greenhouses.  It’s practical and easy to install.

Clear your guttering of leaves and twigs and install ‘Hedgehog’ a continuous polypropylene ‘brush ‘which prevents the build-up of wind-blown debris.  It’s quick and easy to install, maintenance free and virtually indestructible.

Fit a cat flap or a dog door; choose from a range of colours, sizes and shapes. Magnetic doors and collars are available. A range of reduced stock windows are on offer in our Pre-stock sale, White Rehau 5 chambered system windows Supplied with 180mm cills, 28mm double glazed sealed units. All windows include trickle-vents and handles.

There are lots of exciting items available in our pre-stocktake sale from 1st February until the 31st March. This includes the ever popular Loft hatch access Ladder, they are an absolute bargain! They are easy to install and make access to your loft easier and safer.  A firm favourite when demonstrated at the Norfolk show.

Remember to pop into one of our branches from the 12th march until the Easter weekend to win a free lucky Easter treat.

We look forward to seeing you!


02 Nov 2017
  1. Have a sort out


To make way for all the extra items in your house such as presents, food and furniture, it’s time to have a good sort out. Be ruthless – sell or donate items you don’t use. Get the kids to sort through their toys and donate the ones that they no longer play with.

The week before Christmas day you won’t feel like cleaning the cooker so get it done early! Clean all appliances that will get more use, including the fridge and microwave. Defrost the freezer. As boring as these jobs may seem, your future self will thank you!


  1. Illuminate!

christmas illuminate

With the clocks going back and shorter daytime hours, it’s a good time to pay attention to the lighting in your home. Replace any bulbs and batteries and consider lowlighting such as extra lamps or LED candles to help create a cosier feel.

  1. Heat it up


If you have a traditional fire it’s time to get the chimney swept! For other gas and electric fires, carefully clean them using the manufacturer reccommended method and make sure there is no dust and the fire is working correctly.

Creating heat of course isn’t the only way to keep warm – old windows and doors will let draught in to your home. Consider better energy rated windows and checking under doors and around glass panes for draughts. This will also help ease your energy costs over the busy festive period.


  1. Pick a theme

rustic christmas theme

Instead of buying random decorations that catch your eye – save money and effort by picking a theme and sticking to it. Why not go for a rustic theme using natural decorating materials such as pinecones, driftwood, foraged greens and dried oranges.


  1. Make some space

make space

Every year the Christmas decs box seems to get bigger and the loft seems to get more and more cluttered. If you struggle getting up and down in to the loft you may want to consider a new loft hatch and ladder – they are surprisingly inexpensive. They have great practical and safety features to ensure safe and simple loft clearing. Don’t leave boxes in the loft gathering dust and damp, sort through the boxes and get rid of anything you don’t need.


  1. Don’t forget about seating

christmas seating

This may seem like an obvious one but people will often forget at the last minute until extra family members and friends arrive. Invest in some fold up seating and make sure the dining room is cleared and ready for all those extra visitors!


  1. Get the little DIY jobs done

diy jobs

Now is the best time to get those niggling DIY jobs done. At this time of year, lots of tools are on sale so it’s a great time to grab the power tool you’ve had your eye on!
If it’s not done already, make sure any furniture in your garden is weather proofed by repainting, varnishing, cleaning or covering. Alternatively you could invest in no-maintenance furniture to save yourself time and money on those big jobs. Check your gutters are clear and free of debris and clear space in sheds and outhouses for storage.

31 Aug 2017


The most common problem that causes guttering to leak are seals that have perished. Most gutter joints, outlets etc will come with rubber seals to keep your guttering water tight and to allow for heat expansion.

To replace or repair seals you will need to:

  • Clean out any debris, dirt, moss or leaves from your guttering and pat dry with a towel. Make sure there are no blockages that could be attributing to the problem.
  • Carefully unclip the gutter bracket or joint that is leaking. If it is joined to the wall, carefully unscrew it.
  • Inspect the part you have removed. Check that there are no splits or holes in the joint itself and that the part is up to standard. To check the seal, remove it by peeling it away from the top. A flat head screwdriver or flat utensil may help in this instance.
  • Check the seal for damage or signs of wear. If there is a build-up of muck or grime you will need to clear this all away. If there are any cracks or chips in the seal you will need to replace it. If not, after a clean you can put it back.
  • Replace the seal if needed. Cut to the correct length and ensure it is pressed back in to the gutter part.
  • Ensure the gutter lines up with the bracket once you put it back.




Over time your gutter may get clogged. After all your roof faces the elements and with rain fall will direct leaves and dirt in to your gutters. Obviously the best way to solve this is to clean your guttering at least twice a year and before and after particularly rainy seasons.

An even more efficient way to combat it is to prevent the accumulation of dirt in the first place, and there are a few ways to do this.

  • ‘Hedgehog’ style gutter guards. These gutter guards are the most densely-packed guard on the market that still allow for complete flow of water through the gutter. They trap all sorts of dirt, leaves and grime, thus preventing the need for unblocking gutter or drains. The best thing about gutter brushes is that they are easy to install and are an inexpensive solution.
  • PVC gutter grids are a great option because they are soft and non-abrasive so they won’t damage guttering like traditional metal grids, they also won’t rust. PVC gutter grids are clip in so like a gutter brush they require no expert knowledge to install.
  • To protect the downpipe and drains, you may consider a drain cover or balloon outlet.
31 Jul 2017




Gutters collect water running off the roof and  channel them away from the building via a downpipe. Our guttering shapes come in a few options such as half round – a semicircle shape, square, ogee, deep – a deeper version of half round, miniflow – a small version perfect for smaller builds or greenhouses and finally cast iron effect. This guide will inform you on how guttering works and the purpose of each part.

Running Outlet
A running outlet creates a channel to connect the gutter to the downpipe

Gutter Union
A union can be used to connect separate lengths of gutter

Offset Bend
Offset bends are at an angle enabling guttering to travel from the fascia  and adjoin to the downpipe to ensure a flush fit to the wall They come in a 67.5  (112) degree angle

A stop end caps off the gutter to prevent water escaping. There are internal or external options.

Gutter clip / support bracket
Clips adhere either the downpipe to the wall or secures in place gutter to the fascia, keeping it sturdy.

The shoe directs water in to a gullt

Downpipe Connector
Connects two lengths of downpipe together

Downpipe branch
Connects two downpipes together and an angle

Gutter Angle
Supports gutter around an angle

For further information please visit our resources page, contact us or view our guttering products!

07 Jul 2017

^ Watch our Norfolk Show highlight reel!

The Royal Norfolk Show is an annual agricultural event which spans over two days and attendance is a rite of passage for Norfolk dwellers… and beyond! The only thing that let us down over the couple of days was the weather – the first day was torrential from set up at 7am. Luckily, the sensible folk of East Anglia were well prepared armed with wellies and golf umbrellas. Unfortunately someone joked with our marketing lady suggesting wellies were overkill – she showed up in fabric flats and soon became extremely muddy.


You may have noticed the return of the Rimba Tunes/tubes to our stand this year – these are a series of pipes arranged in such a way they are able to echo specific musical notes in the arrangement of a piano. The best Rimba Tubes musician won a hamper. This contraption was devised by the ever-musical Lee Gibling (web manager and pro-beatboxer) and was painted in EACH corporate colours. EACH our PBS’ chosen charity of whom we support all year round and have taken a pledge of support to help fund their NOOK campaign. More info on that can be found here.

To further assist in awareness of the NOOK campaign we brought along some of our newest products – plastic recycled furniture – and one of these benches were also decorated in EACH’s blue and orange colours. A percentage of each sale of these items of furniture will be donated to EACH. These products are available in our Norwich store and will make a debut to our web store shortly so keep your eyes peeled!

We had a wonderful two days despite the weather and would highly recommend the show to anyone who hasn’t visited before.

Thank you to everyone who visited our stand, see you next year!

12 May 2017

The clocks have gone forward and spring is with us at last bringing with it gloriously fresh days that seem to last forever. What an ideal time for making your home that bit more comfortable by making some small additions.

Looking back over previous blogs all the improvements features  are ideal for this beautiful and uplifting time of year.

Why not clean out your gutters and fit some Hedgehog. Bring wild life to your garden by adding a Water Butt to your garden and avoid trudging back into the house to fill up your watering can. At the same time you could save money on your water bills. Firm up that part of the garden that has heavy foot traffic by fitting Bodpave our cellular interlocking paving system designed for vehicle and pedestrian use.

This month we are promoting our stunning high quality affordable supply only conservatories. All styles and sizes are catered for from a simple lean-to style or a more spacious Georgian or Victorian style to create a more spacious and bright feature.  You can create everything from an Edwardian style and Gable ended conservatories!

All our frames and roofs are manufactured in our local factory and are mostly delivered on our own transport ensuring you receive your purchase in pristine condition. Why not contact us for more details.

The Royal Norfolk Show is fast approaching make a note in your diary June 28th & 29th June. Look out for the Plastic Building Supplies Flag flying proudly above our marque and make your way towards it and expect a friendly welcome.

Hope to see you there.


20 Apr 2017

After Spring has sprung and with Summer fast approaching, this often brings the inspiration to refresh your home. Here are some simple tips to help you without breaking the bank and offer some inspiration.

  1. Declutter

When you de-clutter your home you remove any distractions to your interior and give the illusion of more space and light. Ask yourself if you really need everything out in the kitchen or all of your products in the bathroom next to the sink. If you are short on space use shelves instead of cupboards to keep your things looking organised and creating a feature instead of clutter. Be strict with yourself and donate or sell items that serve no purpose.


2. Maximise space

There are a few tricks of the trade to help maximise the space you already have or how to make your conservatory feel like another room that flows with the rest of your house. An Equinox roof is a light-weight solid roof is that is ideal for modernising an existing conservatory and helps to define a clear, large space. These roofs can be supplies with gorgeous spot lighting and roof lanterns to keep the light flooding in.


A bonus with Equniox roofing is that it stays cooler during the summer and retains heat during the winter – perfect for all year round enjoyment.
Another tip is to define areas by activity – clearly separate seating and dining areas, little nooks or comfy corners. Adding feature walls or rugs and carpet can help with this effect. Your space will feel warm, purposeful & well arranged, giving the illusion of more space.

3. Don’t forget to clean the exterior

The outside of your home can accumulate dirt and debris over the course of the winter. To minimise cleaning there are a few preventative steps that you can take. New PVCu windows don’t get misty or gather condensation like old or wooden windows do. Not only do dry clean windows prevent damp but they also help to prevent the accumulation of dirt.

When it comes to guttering you can add a bristly brush (often known as a hedgehog gutter guard) to prevent debris clogging them up, thus eradicating the need to deep clean so often – hurrah!
For more information on cleaning guttering check out our step by step guide here!

windows-installed-by-plastic-building-supplies-norwich guttering-downpipes

PVCu windows and doors can be gently cleaned using a soft cloth and specialist PVCu cleaner. Its a good idea to seek advice from your window supplier as they will be able to recommend you the best cleaning products for their materials.

4. Let the light in

Roof lanterns are a perfect way to make use of otherwise wasted roof space. Roof lanterns serve as a cost-effective alternative to aluminium skylights or conservatory roof systems. They are contemporary PVC-U system designed specifically to add height, volume and natural light to uninspiring flat-roofed rooms. They have excellent energy efficiency and increase the height of your room whilst flooding it with light, creating an illusion of added space.

Light coloured curtains made of a thinner material can help to add to the illusion of light as can adding plants and bright coloured room accessories.
Bi-fold doors bring the outside, in. Check out this gorgeous example of a bi-fold door by Plastic Building Supplies!

biofold doors

Plastic Building Supplies offer a wide range of PVCu solutions to the trade and DIY. For more products information and additional ideas on home improvement, give us a call on 01603 484589 or start an online chat.