26 Feb 2018

Spring begins on the 20th March and ends on the 21st June. The evenings will stay lighter giving us more time outside to enjoy our gardens.  This is the ideal time to prepare your home for the beautiful spring and summer days to come.

Why not make your garden bird friendly and add a bird box or some hanging feeding stations? Birds rely on this additional source of food and bring colour and beautiful bird song. Add a feature such as a bird water table – a regular source of water is vital to all wild life and you will be amazed at how popular your garden becomes. Once they are established you can sit back on your recycled garden bench and admire the view.

spring has sprung flowers

No garden is complete without a water butt. Our Miniflo guttering is a perfect solution for small buildings such as sheds, garages summer houses and greenhouses.  It’s practical and easy to install.

Clear your guttering of leaves and twigs and install ‘Hedgehog’ a continuous polypropylene ‘brush ‘which prevents the build-up of wind-blown debris.  It’s quick and easy to install, maintenance free and virtually indestructible.

Fit a cat flap or a dog door; choose from a range of colours, sizes and shapes. Magnetic doors and collars are available. A range of reduced stock windows are on offer in our Pre-stock sale, White Rehau 5 chambered system windows Supplied with 180mm cills, 28mm double glazed sealed units. All windows include trickle-vents and handles.

There are lots of exciting items available in our pre-stocktake sale from 1st February until the 31st March. This includes the ever popular Loft hatch access Ladder, they are an absolute bargain! They are easy to install and make access to your loft easier and safer.  A firm favourite when demonstrated at the Norfolk show.

Remember to pop into one of our branches from the 12th march until the Easter weekend to win a free lucky Easter treat.

We look forward to seeing you!


12 May 2017

The clocks have gone forward and spring is with us at last bringing with it gloriously fresh days that seem to last forever. What an ideal time for making your home that bit more comfortable by making some small additions – view more here.

Looking back over previous blogs all the improvements features  are ideal for this beautiful and uplifting time of year.

Why not clean out your gutters and fit some Hedgehog. Bring wild life to your garden by adding a Water Butt to your garden and avoid trudging back into the house to fill up your watering can. At the same time you could save money on your water bills. Firm up that part of the garden that has heavy foot traffic by fitting Bodpave our cellular interlocking paving system designed for vehicle and pedestrian use.

This month we are promoting our stunning high quality affordable supply only conservatories. All styles and sizes are catered for from a simple lean-to style or a more spacious Georgian or Victorian style to create a more spacious and bright feature.  You can create everything from an Edwardian style and Gable ended conservatories!

All our frames and roofs are manufactured in our local factory and are mostly delivered on our own transport ensuring you receive your purchase in pristine condition. Why not contact us for more details.

The Royal Norfolk Show is fast approaching make a note in your diary June 28th & 29th June. Look out for the Plastic Building Supplies Flag flying proudly above our marque and make your way towards it and expect a friendly welcome.

Hope to see you there.


06 Apr 2017

Welcome to the glorious month of April widely thought to be named after “aperire” a latin word meaning to “open” because it represents the opening of buds and flowers in spring.


What an inspiring way to approach this time of year by opening up all the home improvement possibilities. Why not replace your windows, fascia and guttering.  You could add a Roof lantern to a flat roof and transform your living space. Maybe construct a Polycarbonate Lean to Roof and create instant cover providing shade in the hot summer.

Take a look at your gutter is it directing rainwater away from your house? Is it filled with debris and leaves? If so the perfect solution is to flush out the gutter and install “The amazing Hedgehog” a continuous polypropylene ‘brush’ which prevents the build-up of wind-blown debris. Hedgehog is a sound investment avoiding irreversible damage to down pipes, roof tiles and gutters.

To help you celebrate Easter our Pre-Stocktake sale is still available offering products to help you with all your building improvement projects.

We at PBS are very proud to have supported East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice (EACH) for over 20 years. We are continuing to fulfil our commitment of raising £15000 over the next three years, towards the ‘Nook Charity Appeal’. This is helping EACH develop their new state of the art hospice in poringland and the services they provide. It is hoped that this sum will be raised by both staff and company activities and promotions.

We are helping with fundraising ideas such as raising money by having a charity cake sale or by cycling around Snetterton Race Circuit.

We are also taking part in EACHs ‘Bag it’ bring it Boost it’ scheme. This works by letting all our staff bring in any charitable items such as clothes, shoes, books DVDs, toys, and bric-a-brac into the work place. We then arrange for it to be collected. So if you would also like to bring your charitable items into one of our branches we will gladly give you a bag to fill and pass it on to EACH on your behalf.

Don’t forget our in store Easter Lucky Dip for purchases made in any of our branches which runs until the Easter Weekend you will be able to draw from our Lucky Dip to win a chocolate surprise.To qualify for a free lucky dip: Account and Trade Cash customers’ one draw per customer visit per day. Cash sale customers’ one draw for purchases of £100 + VAT (and above)


‘What happened to the Easter Bunny when he misbehaved at school?’

‘He was egg spelled.’



14 Mar 2017

March is a wonderful time of year not only because the evenings begin to get lighter and best of all British summer time begins (26th March). Did you know that around March 20th or 21st the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of day and night are nearly equal in all parts of the world? Not a lot of people know that.

ray blog

Why don’t you invest in a water butt save water and reduce your water bill. If you haven’t got a lot of space why not buy a slim space saving water butt available from all our branches.

If you can’t position it close to your house try fitting some mini flow rainwater gutter around your shed. This is a perfect solution to a common problem. We get a lot of positive feedback regarding this alternative solution. Our water butts remain good value and very popular.

It’s Mothering Sunday on the 26th March, a Water butt would be the perfect enhancement to any garden and a smashing surprise present. (Don’t forget to add the flowers and chocolates)

Do you have an area of your garden that overtime becomes muddy and trampled down? Then Bodpave is the solution. We have a strong cellular interlocking paving system designed to reinforce the ground for vehicle and pedestrian use. Bod-pave is robust and is used for wheelchair access, cycle and emergency routes. Golf clubs use it for buggy paths.  You can also grow grass through it or add some shingle. Perfect.

Why not fit a Cat Flap or Dog Door for your beloved family pet we sell a good range and you should find something to suit.

Don’t forget our Easter Lucky Dip which starts in all our branches on Thursday 16th March.

This is just one of the many ways we at PBS want to make your purchases with us a friendly and pleasant experience. It’s also our way of just egging you on to buy from us. Sorry, but who could resist this cracking joke.

Have a happy Easter!


03 Jan 2017

Happy New year to all our customers!

If you have a little time on your hands why not take a walk around your house and check if there are any running repairs required. Check your gutters have they filled up with leaves again, has the running outlet (that’s the piece in your gutter where the pipe is fixed) become blocked.


If they have we can help you. We know that blocked gutters can be a constant worry. The lack of regular and often precarious maintenance can cause irreversible damage to downpipes, roof tiles and gutters. This damage can in turn lead to more problems. But now there’s HEDGEHOG – a continuous polypropylene ‘brush’ which prevents the build-up of wind-blown debris. The HEDGEHOG is supplied in 4m a length, the same size as a standard length of gutter. So to judge how many lengths you need just count the lengths of gutter you have. It’s easy to fit just lay it inside the gutter and secure by using plastic clips.

Strata Drain Cover tidyDo you have an exposed drain at the bottom of your rainwater pipe why not fit a pre-cut drain tidy cover. All these easy to do jobs will give you peace of mind and may save you money.



skypodDo you have a flat roofed room in need of more light? Look no further than a Roof Lantern/Skypod. This is a new contemporary PVC-U system designed specifically to add height, volume and natural light to uninspiring flat roofed rooms. This product has proved really popular with our customers who appreciate a product that is manufactured in our factory and delivered locally using our own transport.

We think this personal service is important giving you the confidence knowing that your purchases will be delivered in pristine condition.

Happy new year and we look forward to working with you in 2017.