04 Sep 2019


What is it?

Checkatrade is one of the most popular tradesman websites – both for tradespeople and customers. It’s an online directory that you pay to be featured on, so people can find and contact you for work. Clients can also leave you a rating, which is then visible to the public.

What makes it great?

It’s so simple to use. To set yourself up, just complete an online form. You’ll get a call back, where you’ll be asked to answer a few questions and provide proof of your qualifications, references and insurance. Then, once your profile is live, you’re good to go.

Once you’re listed on the site, it’s easy for customers to find and contact you, which means you’re more likely to get business from the site. Plus, once you’ve paid your subscription fee, there are no other costs to pay – regardless of how many leads or jobs Checkatrade brings you.


What is it?

The iZettle app is designed to help small businesses take card payments and create and send invoices with ease.

What makes it great?

Its card reader is award-winning. Combined with the app, it lets you turn your device into a mobile, secure point of sale. This means you can use it to keep track of card, cash, mobile and invoice payments while on the go.

You can generate bills and invoices, sending them to customers straight from the app, and iZettle will let you know when they’ve been paid or even send reminders to clients who’ve missed the due date. Need to issue a refund or discount? You can do that on the app, too.

Rated People

What is it?

There are two Rated People apps – one for customers looking for tradespeople and another for tradespeople looking for jobs. Rated People works in a similar way to Checkatrade, but is more focused on helping you find your own work, instead of waiting for clients to contact you.

What makes it great?

With Rated People, you’re in control. You can proactively browse, search and filter potential work, so you decide what type of jobs you take on and where.

Then, if you want the work, you can buy the lead and contact the potential client. Plus, you’ll get access to member benefits like high street discounts. You can also help increase your reputation by answering the DIY-related questions posted on the site by potential customers.


What is it?

The trusted power tool manufacturer has created its own mobile app, which turns your smartphone into a handy, multi-functional device you can use while you’re on a job.

What makes it great?

It’s the Swiss Army knife of tradesman apps. Mislaid your spirit level? You can use the Makita app to check your work instead, thanks to its built-in levelling instrument. There’s also a flash light and distance-measuring tool.

If you’re worried about what all these clever gadgets will do to your mobile battery, don’t. The app comes with a battery level indicator, so it won’t drain without warning.


What is it?

Following in the footsteps of Checkatrade and Rated People, MyBuilder lets you find work based on a custom area you set. You only need to pay a shortlist fee once you and a client are ready to exchange details.

What makes it great?

Unlike Checkatrade and Rated People, MyBuilder doesn’t charge a monthly or annual listing fee. This can be particularly useful when you’re first starting out or if cash flow is an issue.

Plus, it’s a handy way to fill any last-minute work gaps. The app uses a matching process to shortlist tradespeople for customers. If you’re chosen, you can then make contact with a warm lead who’s already expecting your call.


What is it?

Designed for independent tradespeople, the Fixington Calendar app lets you keep track of all your jobs and appointments. It also has a built-in invoice function, and you can save information about your jobs and client details to view later.

What makes it great?

It reduces your paperwork and helps you stay organised. One of the best invoice apps for tradespeople, Fixington lets you send bills through messaging apps, like Facebook or iMessage, so they’ll be easier for your customers to pick up.

Lost your phone? No problem – all your data is synced and backed up, so you can view it on any desktop or phone. You can also connect Fixington with an iZettle device, so you can take card payments and record them against the relevant job in your app.

Powered Now

What is it?

In short, Powered Now is an invoice, estimating and scheduling program for small businesses. You can use it to create quotes and job sheets, wherever you are. It can also help you manage your diary and keep track of payments.

What makes it great?

How much it can do! From sending documents via text and pinging you an alert once they’ve been opened, to organising all your communications in an easy-to-view timeline – as one of the best organiser apps out there, Powered Now has got it all.

Do you manage a team? They can all use Powered Now to record their hours, photos of finished work or customer signatures, so everything’s stored in one place. It’s also got a handy built-in chat function, so you can all stay in touch within the app. Plus, live team tracking allows you to check everyone is where they need to be.

18 Jul 2019

Two months in to summer time and we have experienced heavy down pours and days of perfect sunshine. The evenings are lighter and we are now able to tackle the outside jobs at a more enjoyable and leisurely pace.  Have you had a look at your guttering? Is it full of leaves and debris? If so have you thought of installing some Hedgehog gutter guard?


Why not replace your Roofline fascia. We can satisfy all your needs from Bullnose Fascia, Square edged Fascia, soffit board, Cover board, Tongue & Groove Soffit, shiplap Cladding and Kavex textured Cladding available in various colours

We have many products that are just plainly useful to use around the house such as Tools, Workwear, Dust sheets, Fixings, Silicones, Sealants, Adhesives, Cleaners and much more.

The ever popular Skypod/Roof Lantern has captured our customers’ imagination with the ability to turn a dull uninspiring extension with a flat roof into a magnificent natural light capturing room with a stylish glass Skypod on top. What better way to save money by converting your existing structure into a classy looking conservatory. They are made in our local factory and come with a 10 year guarantee. We’re sending out a discount for this product in the post so if you’re interested, open a trade account today to catch a place on our mailing list!

Make a note in your diary for our ‘Trade Day’ taking place at all four of our branches on September 12th 2019. Open to the Trade and Public. Pop in for a chat about your next project over nice cup of coffee and take advantage of the many offers which will be available on the day. For more information keep an eye on our website during August.

Why not install some miniflow Rainwater Guttering. Available in White, Black, and Brown, the ideal solution for small buildings such as sheds garages, summer houses and greenhouses. Then take it a stage further and install a Water Butt. Check out our Water Butts here:


We are continuing to sell our attractive range of Water Butts and ancillaries. The Slim line Water butt is ever popular and is always a hit with customers who are short on space. The installation of a Water butt has got to be a fantastic way to save money on the ever ‘rising’ water bill. How does a water butt help save money? The Consumer Council for Water states that the average roof collects about 85,000 litres of rainwater in a year, which is enough to fill 450 water butts with free water. It’s a great way to save some money and help with all the other bills.

The yellow ‘Flex Tub bucket’ is such a useful item to help you move soil, twigs, weeds and similar around your garden. The 3 Gallon builders bucket is the perfect accompaniment to the Flex Tub bucket. You can never have enough helpful neat time saving accessories in your garden.

Now is the time to install my favourite practical and most functional product.  The Fakro insulated loft hatch ladder is a bargain! Have it installed before Christmas and the climb into the loft will be a doddle.

But I hear you say a loft ladder is for life not just for Christmas. How right you are. Come and see us soon, Ray

18 Jan 2019

Due to our ever growing sales department, we require a Sales Coordinator to join our busy team in Norwich.


Duties will consist of direct customer contact and telephone sales calls, taking
orders, turning enquiries into orders, preparing quotes and liaising with our
external sales representatives.

Monday to Friday 40 hours rotating between 7.30am to
5.00pm. Saturday 8.00am to 12.00midday. 1 in 2 rota paid as overtime.
Salary band: £17,500.00.

The position would suit a reliable person with a builders merchants or similar
background in the window and glazing supply industry.

To apply please send CV and covering letter to: jobs@pbs-limited.co.uk

18 Apr 2018

Single-use plastic is a hot topic right now regarding items such as drinking straws, cups, plastic bags, packaging and bottles. Single-use plastics, are utilised just once before they are discarded.

plastic bottle

These single use plastics can be harmful to the environment as they pollute our oceans, threaten marine life (also entering our food chain), have a large carbon footprint and take hundreds of years to break down.

275,000 TONNES of plastic are used every day in the UK, that equates to 15 million plastic bottles – a lot of plastic items aren’t recycled so they end up at landfill.

Plastic Building Supplies offer a sustainable solution to our single-use plastic problem in the UK by actually saving plastic that would otherwise end up at landfill and supplying quality recycled plastic furniture.


Find out more


31 Aug 2017


The most common problem that causes guttering to leak are seals that have perished. Most gutter joints, outlets etc will come with rubber seals to keep your guttering water tight and to allow for heat expansion.

To replace or repair seals you will need to:

  • Clean out any debris, dirt, moss or leaves from your guttering and pat dry with a towel. Make sure there are no blockages that could be attributing to the problem.
  • Carefully unclip the gutter bracket or joint that is leaking. If it is joined to the wall, carefully unscrew it.
  • Inspect the part you have removed. Check that there are no splits or holes in the joint itself and that the part is up to standard. To check the seal, remove it by peeling it away from the top. A flat head screwdriver or flat utensil may help in this instance.
  • Check the seal for damage or signs of wear. If there is a build-up of muck or grime you will need to clear this all away. If there are any cracks or chips in the seal you will need to replace it. If not, after a clean you can put it back.
  • Replace the seal if needed. Cut to the correct length and ensure it is pressed back in to the gutter part.
  • Ensure the gutter lines up with the bracket once you put it back.




Over time your gutter may get clogged. After all your roof faces the elements and with rain fall will direct leaves and dirt in to your gutters. Obviously the best way to solve this is to clean your guttering at least twice a year and before and after particularly rainy seasons.

An even more efficient way to combat it is to prevent the accumulation of dirt in the first place, and there are a few ways to do this.

  • ‘Hedgehog’ style gutter guards. These gutter guards are the most densely-packed guard on the market that still allow for complete flow of water through the gutter. They trap all sorts of dirt, leaves and grime, thus preventing the need for unblocking gutter or drains. The best thing about gutter brushes is that they are easy to install and are an inexpensive solution.
  • PVC gutter grids are a great option because they are soft and non-abrasive so they won’t damage guttering like traditional metal grids, they also won’t rust. PVC gutter grids are clip in so like a gutter brush they require no expert knowledge to install.
  • To protect the downpipe and drains, you may consider a drain cover or balloon outlet.
07 Jul 2017

^ Watch our Norfolk Show highlight reel!

The Royal Norfolk Show is an annual agricultural event which spans over two days and attendance is a rite of passage for Norfolk dwellers… and beyond! The only thing that let us down over the couple of days was the weather – the first day was torrential from set up at 7am. Luckily, the sensible folk of East Anglia were well prepared armed with wellies and golf umbrellas. Unfortunately someone joked with our marketing lady suggesting wellies were overkill – she showed up in fabric flats and soon became extremely muddy.


You may have noticed the return of the Rimba Tunes/tubes to our stand this year – these are a series of pipes arranged in such a way they are able to echo specific musical notes in the arrangement of a piano. The best Rimba Tubes musician won a hamper. This contraption was devised by the ever-musical Lee Gibling (web manager and pro-beatboxer) and was painted in EACH corporate colours. EACH our PBS’ chosen charity of whom we support all year round and have taken a pledge of support to help fund their NOOK campaign. More info on that can be found here.

To further assist in awareness of the NOOK campaign we brought along some of our newest products – plastic recycled furniture – and one of these benches were also decorated in EACH’s blue and orange colours. A percentage of each sale of these items of furniture will be donated to EACH. These products are available in our Norwich store and will make a debut to our web store shortly so keep your eyes peeled!

We had a wonderful two days despite the weather and would highly recommend the show to anyone who hasn’t visited before.

Thank you to everyone who visited our stand, see you next year!

27 Feb 2017

The key factors of guttering are fairly basic – gutter forms a trough which is designed to funnel any water and dirt which comes down the roof, away from the building. It protects the building, foundations and exterior, keeping water from entering the space thus preventing damp.
PVCu guttering
One of the best and most widely used materials for gutter is PVCu (sometimes referred to as uPVC). It’s totally water resistant, strong and keeps its colour. It comes in a range of colours and profiles to suit any building. The type of guttering you need will vary on the building and appearance you wish to achieve, however the main variant in the way the gutter performs is the water capacity – otherwise it may just come down to a decision on aesthetics.

Types of gutter

PVCu Half round gutter & Square gutter
BR072AG pvcu square gutter
Half round refers to the profile of this gutter which is simply a semicircle or half a circle. They are most commonly used and can easily cope with lots of water, perfect for residential buildings.
Square guttering has the same characteristics but with a sharp, square shape.

PVCu Deep gutter & Ogee gutter
Deepstyle-170-Main pvcu ogee guttering

Deep gutter is similar to half round but it is more of half an oval, making it deeper and stronger enabling it to cope with large amounts of water. Due to the gutter extrusion on ogee and deep gutter, they round will suit residential or commercial buildings – they are tough enough to deal water from roofs with large surface areas. Ogee simply differs in visible shape to deep gutter, with a more rigid angled finish which may compliment a more modern building.

PVCu Miniflow gutter
Miniflow, as its name suggests, is a smaller version of guttering which would lend itself to small buildings such as sheds, buildings or greenhouses. With the area of the roofs being much smaller, there is no need to take up space on a small building with standard size gutter.

PVCu Cast iron gutter
Cast iron pvcu
Cast iron effect gutter offers a durable solution to traditional housing but without the downfalls of using cast iron. PVCu cast iron effect gutter is durable and flexible, yet still beautifully compliments any traditional build.

Now that you know the different types of guttering out there, we can help give you a better idea on the actual installation.

Manufacturers of these products have designed them to be simple and effective. We tend to break the products up in to two different sections. That is roofline: the gutter that goes under/across the line of the roof, and downpipe: the downpipe connects to the roofline gutter and provides a vertical funnel where the water can escape. It often connects to a drain, a gully, a water butt or on to the ground. Guttering is held on by a series of clips and brackets. Exits for the downpipe are made using unions. Water is kept in the gutter (so it doesn’t run out at the end) using internal or external stop ends.

To stop leaves or muck building up in the system – often protective measures will be taken such as using a gutter brush, gutter guards (a PVCu grid) or a drain cover.
hedgehog-gutter Gutter Guard Gutter lead cover drain protector

Need any more information? No worries – we are here to help. Check out our resources page to view all the product guides created by our key manufacturers. Alternatively, give our head office a call on 01603 484589 and take a look at guttering on our products page.

02 Feb 2017

February 2017

Forget the January blues – it’s February. The year is well under way and if you haven’t already done so it’s time to create your vision board and get inspired. We all like a good start to the year and three of our lucky customers have started it with the fantastic news that they have won a prize in our early account payment:


Congratulations to all our prize winners!

Vic 1st-class njc--NJC001
1st  place goes to: Vic – winning an Einhell
TH-ID 1000 Impact Drill with accessory
2nd place: John from 1st Class
Home Improvements for winning a
Faithfull Task 38 watt Task Fluorescent Light.
3rd place: Noel of NJC Property
Maintenance Service who has won a
Black Xpert Glass Thickness Measuring Gauge

During March and April we have our traditional Stock take sale and Easter Lucky Dip.
The pre-stock sale will have lots of exciting offers on our extensive range of products including some very handy tools.  The ever popular free Easter Lucky Dip always goes down well so pop into one of our branches for a chocolate surprise.

Our attendance at ‘The Royal Norfolk show’ on the 28th & 29th June has always been a focal point and is in the planning stage. We are looking at new ideas to make it a more memorable and worthwhile experience for all our customers who visit our stand.

It’s a fantastic couple of days and there will be lots of freebies and special show offers so note the dates in your diary and come and see us.

Have a wonderful month!
– Ray

30 Nov 2016

We love Christmas at PBS!

As a seasonal cheer up we are giving away ‘Lucky Dip’ prizes at all of our branches again this year from Thursday 1st December. For purchases made in one of our branches during December you will be able to draw from our Christmas Lucky Dip.  You could win anything from a chocolate bar to an Argos voucher!

To qualify for a free lucky dip:

  1. Account and Trade Customers – one drawer per customer visit per day.
  2. Cash sale customers – one draw for purchases of £100 + VAT (and above) spent.

ray-xmas-3 ray-xmas-4
Ray at our Norwich branch

Help yourself to a hot drink from our drinks machine to have with your chocolate bar.

We have a great range of tools and work ware which would make ideal Christmas gifts.

Who’s climbing into the loft soon to take down decorations and the extra chairs?! There is still time to fit a loft hatch with a ladder attached Why not buy a Fakro quality, insulated loft hatch access unit to make your journey into your loft this Christmas a safe and pleasurable trouble free experience.

I love this product; it’s a beautifully tactile 3 section foldaway wooden ladder. We take a working example to ‘The Royal Norfolk show’ each year.  It gets a lot of hands on interest. The ladder is attached to a controlling spring loaded mechanism. This prevents the ladder from falling out of the hatch . It’s so light weight and controllable. It requires very little strength or effort to use.  I operate it with one hand at the show and visitors to the stand are so impressed.

It’s a brilliant design and it would be a great practical and functional addition to your home. Bargain at a special offer price of £115 + vat.

You have to see it to believe it. So pop into your local branch for a demonstration and be amazed or visit our loft section on the website:

Have a wonderful Christmas



17 Oct 2016

Cladding  refers to the external layer of the building which provides the aesthetic effect. Apart from the external appearance of the building, its main use is to protect the building structure from the weather and helps with the property insulation. Traditionally timber products were the way to go, but nowadays, the availability of PVCu  is taking over, as it offers low maintenance material and an interesting alternative to timber.

It comes in a range of hard-wearing materials that are designed to withstand the elements and to improve the aesthetics of any building. Giving an old style look or a clean contemporary look to commercial or residential properties, cladding is the perfect solution for buildings that need to be simple to maintain

There are a number of different types of cladding on the market and each has its strengths. At PBS we are specialists on PVCu Cladding and we can help you decide which is best for you and the building you are working on.


PVCu cladding

PVCu is exceptionally durable and very attractive. It will never rot like and is far more resistant to extreme weather conditions than timber. It will also keep the timber look without its downsides. It can be recycled making it environmentally friend and because it doesn’t need painting, it’s very  simple to maintain.

At PBS we offer a wide range of stylish PVCu cladding, from tongue and groove effect to shiplap and open V. Available in white and foiled woodgrain to create a variety of visual effects.

We offer a nationwide delivery for all our Cladding products.

21 Dec 2015

As another year draws to a close (where did 2015 go?) At PBS  we’d like to take the time to wish our Customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

As every year we close during Christmas Time, please don’t forget you can still place your orders online over Christmas. The orders will be processed immediately once we reopen on the 4th of January.

Below you will find a list of our festive and New Year opening hours along with all the information you need to keep your business running over this period.



Monday 21st of December: OPEN

Tuesday 22nd of December: OPEN

Wednesday 23rd of December: OPEN

Thursday 24th of December till Sunday 3rd of January: CLOSED

Monday 4th of January: OPEN

Last Day for deliveries: Wednesday 23rd of December 2015

Deliveries resume: Monday 4th of January 2016