14 Mar 2017

March is a wonderful time of year not only because the evenings begin to get lighter and best of all British summer time begins (26th March). Did you know that around March 20th or 21st the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of day and night are nearly equal in all parts of the world? Not a lot of people know that.

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Why don’t you invest in a water butt save water and reduce your water bill. If you haven’t got a lot of space why not buy a slim space saving water butt available from all our branches.

If you can’t position it close to your house try fitting some mini flow rainwater gutter around your shed. This is a perfect solution to a common problem. We get a lot of positive feedback regarding this alternative solution. Our water butts remain good value and very popular.

It’s Mothering Sunday on the 26th March, a Water butt would be the perfect enhancement to any garden and a smashing surprise present. (Don’t forget to add the flowers and chocolates)

Do you have an area of your garden that overtime becomes muddy and trampled down? Then Bodpave is the solution. We have a strong cellular interlocking paving system designed to reinforce the ground for vehicle and pedestrian use. Bod-pave is robust and is used for wheelchair access, cycle and emergency routes. Golf clubs use it for buggy paths.  You can also grow grass through it or add some shingle. Perfect.

Why not fit a Cat Flap or Dog Door for your beloved family pet we sell a good range and you should find something to suit.

Don’t forget our Easter Lucky Dip which starts in all our branches on Thursday 16th March.

This is just one of the many ways we at PBS want to make your purchases with us a friendly and pleasant experience. It’s also our way of just egging you on to buy from us. Sorry, but who could resist this cracking joke.

Have a happy Easter!


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