26 Feb 2018

Spring begins on the 20th March and ends on the 21st June. The evenings will stay lighter giving us more time outside to enjoy our gardens.  This is the ideal time to prepare your home for the beautiful spring and summer days to come.

Why not make your garden bird friendly and add a bird box or some hanging feeding stations? Birds rely on this additional source of food and bring colour and beautiful bird song. Add a feature such as a bird water table – a regular source of water is vital to all wild life and you will be amazed at how popular your garden becomes. Once they are established you can sit back on your recycled garden bench and admire the view.

spring has sprung flowers

No garden is complete without a water butt. Our Miniflo guttering is a perfect solution for small buildings such as sheds, garages summer houses and greenhouses.  It’s practical and easy to install.

Clear your guttering of leaves and twigs and install ‘Hedgehog’ a continuous polypropylene ‘brush ‘which prevents the build-up of wind-blown debris.  It’s quick and easy to install, maintenance free and virtually indestructible.

Fit a cat flap or a dog door; choose from a range of colours, sizes and shapes. Magnetic doors and collars are available. A range of reduced stock windows are on offer in our Pre-stock sale, White Rehau 5 chambered system windows Supplied with 180mm cills, 28mm double glazed sealed units. All windows include trickle-vents and handles.

There are lots of exciting items available in our pre-stocktake sale from 1st February until the 31st March. This includes the ever popular Loft hatch access Ladder, they are an absolute bargain! They are easy to install and make access to your loft easier and safer.  A firm favourite when demonstrated at the Norfolk show.

Remember to pop into one of our branches from the 12th march until the Easter weekend to win a free lucky Easter treat.

We look forward to seeing you!


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