Are you feeling that your house is looking a bit dark? Do you want your house to have an extraordinary contemporary look? Looking to add light to your house?


Reasons of getting a Skypod

  • Add height, volume and natural light to uninspiring flat-roofed roomsskypod1
  • Skypods are designed with a unique ridge and spider bar arrangement, offering contemporary aesthetics.
  • They are the perfect match for existing PVCu windows
  • Looks more modern than a conservatory
  • Sleek design, the simple clean lines eliminate the necessity for crestings or finials. The unique ridge bar cover cap maintains a minimalist appearance
  • It is more cost effective than aluminium skylights or conservatory roof systems
  • You will save energy as more light is entering your home
  • It will add value to your property
  • It doesn’t matter if your roof is too big or too small, we offer six standard sizes.
  • If they are still too small we can make larger sizes through skypod2order.
  • Cleaning its not an issue as the fixed roof is supplied with a self cleaning, temperature controlling glass
  • 5 different colours available and 5 different glass coloured options!
  • At PBS we offer a 1o year guarantee
  • All our Skypods are manufactured locally




If you are looking to add a skypod to your property we are currently offering a 10% off on all our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us on our free phone 0800 015 0326 or at

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