06 Jan 2016


The exterior of any house is exposed to the constant inclemency of the weather, especially wind, rain, snow. This can take a toll in your guttering and may be the cause of the block or any issue they are suffering.

If your guttering is over flowing or leaking, you should try to fix it as soon as possible.


Step 1: Security first

Secure the structure you are going to be working on.

Stabilize the ladder you are going to work with, make sure there is someone with you when you are working. Security first.

Step 2:

Disconnect the downspout from the underground pipe (if you don’t have an underground system, skip this step)

Step 3:

Once you have secured your ladder. Its time to clean! Find the location in your gutter that is farthest from the downpipe. Use gravity in your advantage.

Be aware that you may find: leaves, mud, insects, dead animals (such as mice and birds) and even debris. An easy way to scoop then out is cutting the base of a plastic bottle, its ideal to take out the debris and the leaves from the guttering.

Step 4:

Work safely along the gutter to remove the debris. Place the ladder safely every time it needs to be moved

Step 5:

To make sure the gutter has been unblocked, run water at full pressure. If water doesn’t run down freely, try to find the part where the water is obstructed and focus on that area.


Only if the gutter it’s still obstructed.


Step 6:

Dissemble the downpipe. Remove the top pipe of the gutter carefully, separating the pieces that make the pipe with a screwdriver

Step 7:

Remove the debris and the blockage.

Step 8:

Rebuild the downpipe  and attach it to the gutter.

Step 9:

Pour water from the top of the gutter to make sure its no longer blocked.

Another option we offer is to skip all of these steps and prevent of cleaning them in the future its to use one of our Hedgehog Gutterguard. Its a continuous polypropylene brush which prevents the build up of wind-blown debris.  Quick and easy to install, doesn’t need maintenance and its virtually indestructible. It fits 95% of domestic guttering including Standard Half Round and Square, Deep Flow, OG and Classic Profiles. It is available in different colours.


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