On the 25th May 2018, the new EU regulation was introduced for data protection. To comply with this regulation we have a policy stating our compliance and our necessary use of customer information. As follows is how we process the data we hold.

To provide our service to our current, past and potential customers, along with all trade and cash sale account customers, we collect and hold certain personal information namely, key contact’s full names, trading names, addresses and contact details. For full account and cash sale account customers, this is normally via a completed account application form. Additional information may be obtained for the purpose of credit references and debt collection. This held information is in the context of the activities of our business dealings with our customers and is collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not further processed in a manner that is incompatible with those purposes.

All hard copies of these forms and the information on them is stored in a secure location within the company and is only accessible by relevant staff within Plastic Building Supplies Ltd. Electronic information is stored on our secure server, which is protected by a firewall, virus software and Watchdog application. This information is kept up to date by our own staff and is only accessible by relevant staff within Plastic Building Supplies Ltd.

In the event that we supply goods directly to one of our customers’ customer, the information will be solely used for the delivery of the goods. The details will be stored on our secure system for reference only for that specific order.

We also hold the contact information of potential customers that have enquired about our products and services and have requested and /or received an estimate or quotation. This information is only used in the context of the activities of our business dealings with potential customers, to ascertain if the potential customer wishes to go ahead with said estimated or quoted works now or in the future. It would also be used to ascertain if any potential customers require us to estimate, quote or carry out work in the future.

We only use customer information for our processing purposes and to enable us to supply our normal correspondence relating to current, past and future orders. It is also necessary to comply with our and our manufacturers guarantee and warrantee periods. We may contact our current and past account and cash sale customers along with potential customers from time-to-time to ensure the information we hold is accurate and up to date. It enables us to contact our customers with advice and information and possible additional services and products that we can and may in the future offer. To carry out our statutory obligation we have to provide some customer information to outside organisations namely for reference purposes and our nominated credit reference agency.


Unless we have been told not to do so, we will continue, from time to time, to send our marketing information to our current, past and potential customers. This is normally in the form of a mailer and/or newsletter aimed at keeping them up-to-date with new products, changes within our range of products and services that we provide that may affect them. Along with general information about Plastic Building Supplies Ltd and the industry as a whole.

Any customer, should they wish to do so, can ask us to provide a copy of information we hold and unsubscribe from our service at any time. Further information on our policy can be obtained from Plastic Building Supplies Ltd.