22mm Bullnose Fascia Rosewood



  • 22mm Kestrel Bullnose Fascia Boards
  • Rosewood Exclusive to PBS When referring to Kestrel brochure look at properties of K22 Bullnose Fascia Board 150mm
  •  The 22mm x 150mm bullnose fascia is a popular choice in the South East.
  • 200mm – The larger 22mm x 200mm is a best seller in the DIY and BIY markets.
  • 225mm – The 22mm x 225 mm range of bullnosed and square nosed fascia boards joins the rest of our range to provide the complete solution to every roofline application.
  • 250mm – Stylish practical and maintenance free the 22mm x 250mm bullnose fascia provides more choice.
  • 300mm – The largest of the bullnosed fascia in Kestrel’s range the 22mm x 300mm is a best seller on new build projects.
  • 405mm (Double) – Complementing the 355mm and 405mm/1.25 the 22mm x 405 bullnose fascia double has always been popular.
  • 405mm (Double) – The largest of the bullnosed fascia double the 22mm x 405mm is especially popular in the North of England.
  • Please call our dedicated sales team on 01603 484589 or email sales@pbs-limited.co.uk for more details.
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Dimensions 5 cm


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