500mm Decorative Bargeboard Moulding Trim White


Clips on to square leg fascia/bargeboards.

Sold in 500mm lengths which interlock.

The Decorative Bargeboard Moulding offers style and character to most roofline installations. Once installed, it will require very little maintenance, as it will not rot, warp or require painting.

Decorative Moulding Installation
Measure the length of your bargeboard and calculate how many mouldings are required at 500mm per moulding, making an allowance for design and plumb cuts at the ridge and barge ends. Cut to size and screw using four 15mm x 6 self tapping screws, to the underside of the existing bargeboard. Seal the joint between the moulding and bargeboard with either a low modulus silicone, or an appropriate adhesive.

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