Side Hung Conservation Window Flashings 8mm Slate



  • The Purpose of FlashingsFlashings are essential for the correct installation of roof windows.
  • Precisely designed flashing details ensure a durable and neat fit with the roofing material used.
  • The purpose of flashing is to ensure good drainage away from the window and to provide protection from the elements.
  • As there are many roofing materials available Fakro offers a range of flashing solutions.
  • All flashings are manufactured using aluminum as standard permanently protected with a polyester varnish.
  • The standard colour is brown RAL 7022 which matches well with most roofing finishes.
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  • Types of FlashingFakro roof window flashings are categorised according to roof material and application.
  • Standard flashings are intended for the most common types of roof covering; flat-Flashing ES profiled-Flashing EZ and for roof surfaces with a high profile – Flashing EH.
  • Roof windows can be installed in the roof structure at three different levels: N(+3cm) V(0cm)andJ(-3cm). Flashings are categorised accordingly.
  • The last letter of the flashing type code indicates the depth at which the roof window can be fitted.
  • For example flashingEZV means: E ? flashing Z ? types of the roofing material V ? level of installation
  • The FAKRO conservation window is designed for old historic and traditional-looking buildings.
  • Its characteristic feature is the sash bar down the middle of the window

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Dimensions 0.4 cm


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